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Short Term Continuing Resolution Enacted

The President signed H.R. 2017 into law, P.L. 112-33, after the House agreed with the Senate bill extending FY 2012 federal agency funding only until November 18th when another CR or omnibus appropriations bill will need to be passed to avoid a government shutdown.  The bill passed on a 352-66 vote even though 53 House Republicans opposed the bill’s funding level of $1.043 trillion which is $24 billion more than the House-passed budget resolution.

Related Appropriations Issues House Appropriations

Committee Chairman Harold Rogers said he is hoping that negotiations with the Senate Appropriations Committee will begin soon to resolve how the $1.043 trillion FY 2012 spending total will be split between each of the twelve appropriations bills in order to finalize one or more omnibus bills before the November 18th deadline.  The negotiations over the Labor-HHS-Education bill are often the most contentious which is likely to lead to the legislation’s inclusion in an omnibus bill.  Because both the House and Senate have passed the Military Construction-Veterans Affairs bill, this bill still has a chance of being enacted solo.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he intends this month to bring up individually the Agriculture-FDA, Transportation-HUD and Commerce-Justice-Science bills for floor action.  However, because the Senate version of the Agriculture-FDA bill would provide $19.8 billion in FY 2012 discretionary funding, more than the $17.3 billion included in the House bill, this bill is also likely to be squeezed into an omnibus measure.

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